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Sunday, April 20, 2014

He is Alive!


“Mary, however, stood there and cried as she looked at the tomb.  As she cried, she bent over and looked inside.  She saw two angels in white clothes.  They were sitting where the body of Jesus had been lying.  One angel was where Jesus' head had been, and the other was where his feet had been.  The angels asked her why she was crying.
Mary told them, “They have removed my Lord, and I don't know where they've put him.”
After she said this, she turned around and saw Jesus standing there.  However, she didn't know this was Jesus.  Jesus asked her, “Why are you crying?  Who are you looking for?”
Mary thought it was the gardener speaking to her.  So she said him, “Sir, if you carried him away, tell me where you have put him, and I'll remove him.”
Jesus said to her, “Mary!”
Mary turned around and said to him in Hebrew, “Rabboni!”  (This word means “teacher.”)
Jesus told her, “Don't hold on to me.  I have not yet gone to the Father.  But go to my brothers and sisters and tell them, 'I am going to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.'”
Mary from Magdala went to the disciples and told them, “I have seen the Lord.”
She also told them what he had said to her.

Scripture passage taken from John 20:11-18, God's Word Translation

We read this passage as a family this morning around the breakfast table.  I couldn't help wondering how Mary must have felt, seeing Jesus standing before her when she had witnessed him dying on the cross...  Yet she believed Him and ran to tell the disciples the Messiah was alive!  He had risen just as He said He would. 

Easter blessings

~ "The men asked the women, "Why are you looking among the dead for the living one?  He's not here.  He has been brought back to life!"  Luke 24:5-6 ~ 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Ballet Shoes {A Birthday Party}

I love birthday parties.  I love planning them.  Most of all, I love seeing how everything comes together so beautifully on the day... 
I had the privilege of helping my mother and sister organise a ballet themed party for Gabrielle who turned seven on Thursday the 17th of April. 
All the decor and most of the party food had to be in baby pink and white and reflect a dancing theme... 
This is what we came up with, although I must add that it was primarily Nancy’s genius that found all the ideas for the small touches that made this party as spectacular as it was!

 The party table...

...The cake...  

~ "A party without cake is just a meeting." - Julia Child ~

Nancy, Beth and I made this sweet cake together – I baked it, colouring the sponge different shades of pink while Nancy spent hours making the fondant roses, leaves and ballet slippers.  Beth and I iced the outside of the cake with rose butter cream icing and Nancy completed it with the fondant lovelies and some pink glitter...

Nancy made and decorated these biscuits...

The almost complete party table laden with a delicious looking feast!  We found so many ideas for a ballet themed party off the internet as well as in a few magazines.  Don’t you think the ‘dancing’ juice bottles are perfect...and the straws and serviettes!?  ...Oh, how I love having a baking shop nearby that stocks such wonderful party goodies...

Aren’t they just four gorgeous little ballerinas?  And all in pink too!  From left to right:  Beth (9) Sofia (2) Gabrielle (7) and Rebekah (4).

Each sweet girl received a pink lace hair band embellished with a fabric flower...  The adorable tutu Gabrielle is wearing was a gift from Mommy and Daddy which Mommy made...  Of course she loved it!  (Tutu tutorial can be found here.)

Sofia enjoying herself...

The beautiful birthday girl!

Love these girls!

May your weekend be blessed,